"If you don't know who the hamster is, then the hamster is you."
Hamster Groomers is an entertainment and educational community with a mission to transform Hamsters into experienced players in the crypto market.
The term “Hamster”, in the world of crypto refers to newbies who begin trading without experience, or the needed understanding of what they’re doing. As a result, they make lots of mistakes and end up losing money… that’s where we step in.

We are introducing a new term, “Hamster Groomer”, the one who trims the hamster. A Hamster Groomer is the complete opposite of a helpless newbie. A Hamster Groomer is experienced. A Hamster Groomer is smart. And most importantly, a Hamster Groomer is rich.

Every Hamster wants to be a Hamster Groomer.
The Hamster Groomers community is based on three elements: Games, NFT, Token. The close interaction of all three elements helps players go all the way from a Hamster to a Hamster Groomer.
fun games
Hamster Games are a series of casual games with cute little hamster characters. Play, earn points, level up and have fun.
hamster nft
Become a Hamster Groomer
and cut X!
Hamster NFTs is a collection of unique NFT characters, which are integrated into the game and provide the owner with a variety of advantages during gameplay, which allows you to speed up the game, get more rewards and level up faster.
All the revenues from NFTs distributed to:

Charity - 25%
Token Buyback & Burn - 25%
Token Buyback to Prize Pool & Staking - 25%
Liquidity - 25%
and utility
Hamster Token performs several functions at once. It is an in-game currency and in the future will help players convert the funds earned in the game into real money.
10% tax from Buy/Sell distributed to:
Charity - 3%
Token Burn - 3%
Prize Pool & Staking - 2%
Liquidity - 2%
Token contract address
Deflationary Total Supply: 1 000 000 000 000 000
DEX Liquidity
Locked for 5 years
Supporting Education
The global mission of our project is to fight illiteracy not only in the crypto industry, but also in the international education system. One of the most catastrophic situations in the field of education at the moment in India. Due to lack of funds, most educational institutions do not have the necessary infrastructure, scientific equipment and libraries. As a result, 35% of the Indian population remains illiterate, which is almost a third of the total number of illiterates in the world.